Shreya Kapoor

Evil Eye Pictures

Role: Post Production Intern   |   June 2019 - September 2019   |   San Francisco, CA


Over the summer, I had the amazing opportunity to intern for Evil Eye Pictures, a visual effects and virtual reality company based in San Francisco. I was lucky enough to start my position in the middle of two large projects that the company had taken on - a visual effects project for a Chinese movie and a real-time animation project for Epic Games. 

Through these projects, I facilitated meetings by taking notes, programming animations (in Maya and Unreal Engine), and organizing all work going out to the clients, and led the restructure of their website by updating and configuring the new applicant tracking system, implementing a blog page to the site, and redesigning the site to accommodate its new features. In addition to these responsibilities, I also wrote up the release language for the real-time animation project, titled "emergence" and managed social media accounts during its release at SIGGRAPH 2019.

Below are some of the visuals from "emergence", as well as the small blurb written for the project and the video, released by Unreal Engine. 

Release Language

"Emergence”, in its concept and creation, is something that has never been seen before. Artistically, it converges the biological ideas of the rise and fall of civilization with the aesthetics brutalist architecture, a unique cross between design and technology. We took this concept of “fractal brutalism” and used the real-time in-engine raytracing features of UE4, a software made to construct and design video games, with the latest RTX technology from Nvidia, which includes graphic enhancing AI and a new streaming multiprocessor, to create a visually stunning short film. In addition, using the Unreal Engine’s ray tracing render engine, no post processing or compositing was used on the piece. “Emergence” not only presents the latest real-time software updates, but also the potential that this technology has.


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