Shreya Kapoor

CGI U Codeathon

Hosted by the Clinton Foundation   |   Role: Head Designer   |   October 18-19, 2018   |   University of Chicago


The Clinton Global Initiative University collaborated with the Clinton Foundation to form a Codeathon, a competition between teams of qualified students from all over the country to find a solution to an existing issue. This year’s prompt was to developing a digital prototype to improve the effectiveness of natural disaster response and recovery efforts.

The Idea:

Our team figured out that 75% of small businesses couldn’t recover successfully post-disaster due to lack of money and inability to retain customers. We worked on a platform to bring money from donors to these businesses allowing the businesses to sell their services/products on subsidized prices to the customers ensuring nobody is bearing loss. It also ensured that the inflow of money stays within the community to help them flourish in short-term and long-term. Our goal was to not only positively impact the economy of the area affected, but to also bring the community of that area together.

Behind the Design:

One of the biggest advantages of our idea was that it would work through a web service rather than an application. This way, those traumatized by natural disasters would not have to face the complications of downloading an application on their device, and could get the freedom of accessing our service on any internet-enabled device, not just mobile devices. For judging and competition purposes, our designs of our service were required to be in a mobile format.

In terms of the visual design aspect, I decided that each element of the service should be straight forward, and not have much fluff. The goal of design was simple: make the service easy to navigate visually, while also keeping a clean aesthetic. Accomplishing this along with choosing a specialized color palette worked not only for the service we were creating (green being associated with money and luck), but also in easy usage and appreciation by the customer. 

Below: Pages made for our "Subfix" prototype [made in Sketch]

The Result

The prototype was much liked by our esteemed judges and we secured the 2nd place position at the competition. With this, we met Chelsea Clinton (shown left) and got special seats at the CGI U presentation hosted at the University of Chicago on Friday, October 18. 

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